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Types of accesories

We sell a wide range of installation accesories to assist you in the construction of your build. These vary from flashings to fire cement with each piece playing its part to help you have an easier time whilst installing your liner. 


If you have slightly loose fitting stove pipe pieces, we would highly recommend the combination of fire cement and fire rope as it provides an excellent soloution to pack out the space left and bondage solution to hold it all together. 


If you need to insulate your flexi liner, we have a choice of either vermiculite or rockwall insulation.


If you're connecting twin wall pieces together or passing it though a flashing, we supply high temperature silicone sealant that seals the joints together whilst being able to withstand the temperatures given off by the liner.


The ADH series of flashings are constructed of an all rubber design which are invariably used with the twin wall system when the material of the roof that it’s passing through is usually either on a caravan or if its corrugated.