Custom Flue Liner Kits

We now offer Ultraflex flexible flue liner kits, suitable for wood burning stoves, fireplaces & multi fuel stoves.Simply select the diameter you need, and the length of flexible flue Liner.

Our chimney liner flue kits are customisable to include:

  • Stove pipe: This is the vitreous enamel pipe from the top of the appliance, connecting it to the chimney stack
  • Flue liner: 316 or 904 flexible steel liner, for lining the length of the chimney stack. (NB: It's sold by the metre, so you'll need to know the approx height of your chimney stack )
  • Stove Pipe/Flue Liner Adaptor: This enables the flue liner to be connected to the stove pipe.
  • Nose Cone: This helps during installation, when pulling the liner through the stack, to avoid it getting caught on any obstructions.
  • Register Plate: Used to seal off the bottom of the chimney, above the hearth, so you don't get dirt and debris falling down into your room.
  • Cowl: Enables the chimney to draw exhaust gases efficiently, and also prevent rain and birds getting in.
  • Fire Cement: A jointing compound, used to seal joints in your installation, it can withstand heat to over 1000 degrees.
  • Chimney notice plate: Building regulations require this, to be fitted near your appliance


As the UK's leading supplier of chimney products for wood burning stoves, multi fuel appliances & gas fires , all our products conform to HETAS regulations and British Standards.

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  1. 5" Ultraflex Bundle Kit - 7M

    From £96.25 £115.50

    To £424.42 £509.30

  2. 5" Ultraflex Bundle Kit - 8M

    From £110.00 £132.00

    To £454.41 £545.29

  3. 5" Ultraflex Bundle Kit - 9M

    From £123.75 £148.50

    To £484.40 £581.28

  4. 5" Ultraflex Bundle Kit - 10M

    From £137.50 £165.00

    To £514.39 £617.27

  5. 6" Ultraflex Bundle Kit - 7M

    From £104.65 £125.58

    To £458.04 £549.65

  6. 6" Ultraflex Bundle Kit - 8M

    From £119.60 £143.52

    To £492.49 £590.99

  7. 6" Ultraflex Bundle Kit - 9M

    From £134.55 £161.46

    To £526.94 £632.33

  8. 6" Ultraflex Bundle Kit - 10M

    From £149.50 £179.40

    To £561.39 £673.67

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5 inch flue liner kit

We stock several 5 inch chimney liner kits, all complete with warranty in lengths ranging from 7 metres to 10 metres.

6 inch flue liner kit

We stock a range of four 6 inch chimney lining kits, in 7 metre, 8 metre, 9 metre & 10 metre lengths.


Chimney flue liner kit FAQ

How do I fit a chimney flue ?

You'll need to either pull the liner up the stack or drop it down from the top. A length of rope and a nose cone are particularly helpful for this. You then need to connect the liner to the stove pipe at the bottom, and the chimney cowl at the top. See our flue liner installation guide for more details.

What size liner do I need in my log burner flue kit?

For appliances burning smokeless fuels, and with a rating of up to 20kw, minimum diameter of 5 inch (125mm) is required. For stoves between 20kw -30kw, 6 inch (150 mm diameter is required) Stoves that are DEFRA exempt and have a 5 inch (125mm) outlet, can safely use 5 inch diameter flue.

Which type do I need – 316 or 904 liner?

The difference is the thickness of steel used in the liner. 316 grade is fine for most wood burning stoves. For multi fuel stoves, you should use the higher grade 904 liner, as these appliances produce more acidic condensates.

How long will my flue liner last?

Our flue liner kits include chimney flue liners which come with a lifetime warranty, guaranteeing them for as long as you own the property.

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