Vitreous Stove Pipe

4 inch vitreous enamel stove pipe4 inch vitreous enamel stove pipe
5 inch vitreous enamel stove pipe5 inch vitreous enamel stove pipe
6 inch vitreous enamel stove pipe6 inch vitreous enamel stove pipe
7 inch vitreous enamel stove pipe7 inch vitreous enamel stove pipe

About our stove pipe

The stove pipe we supply is a vitreous enamelled pipe, constructed of a single wall 1.2mm thickness carbon steel. The pipe is available in a matt, gloss or stainless finish. All the stove pipe parts that we sell (if using the same size) are interchangeable, regardless of finish. 



When using stove pipe, you must have a clearing distance of 3x the internal diameter of the size of pipe you are using from any combustible material for the entirety of the installation.

You can only use 1.5 meters of stove pipe for any installation before either switching to a flexi or twin wall system.

If your stove pipe is a loose fit, we sell fire rope and fire cement to pack out the pipe to ensure that a safe connection is established. 


General Notes

When cleaning your stack, we do sell lengths and bends of stove pipe with access hatches to make it easier for maintaining your liner. 

With the stove pipe designed to take the initial heat from an appliance, do take extra caution when and around it as the heat emitted from the pipe can burn your skin.


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