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Is it a legal requirement to have a flue liner?

Although it isn't a requirement of the Building Regulations, it is the norm and definitely good practice to have a flue liner.
Chimneys constructed prior to 1965 often lack a chimney flue lining and are in poor condition.  Mortar joints are often corroded, with acidic condensates and soot deposits eating away at them.

rooftop chimneys

Many installers will therefore insist on lining the chimney before installing a new appliance because of this, as well as the possibility of smoke leakage.
Added to that, an unlined chimney would be more inefficient at drawing out exhaust gases from your fireplace or appliance.

Certainly if you have an older chimney or a chimney on a party wall, it is strongly advised to have it lined. Bear in mind that the installation of an appliance will come under building regulations, so opting to not install a liner might risk it not being approved if the stack is subsequently found to be faulty.

If you still want to use an old unlined chimney, a visual inspection (with a mirror and core ball) as well as a smoke test would be needed to determine that it is safe to use.

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