What is the best chimney liner for a wood stove?

Although other materials such as concrete and clay are available, stainless steel flue will always be the best choice in terms of efficiency, durability, protection, and cost.

A properly sized stainless steel chimney liner for the stove, appliance, or fireplace will preserve and enhance ventilation efficiency.

Two grades of stainless steel are used in liners : 316 & 904 grade. They differ in corrosion resistance – their ability to withstand the corrosive chemicals that build up in a chimney as a result of burning fuel.

The configuration you choose will depend on what you intend to burn. You can of course opt for a higher grade liner, to get a longer lifespan out of your liner.

There are three options for stainless steel chimney flue liner:

• 316 grade inner / 316 grade outer. Suitable for burning dried seasoned wood, gas, oil and low sulphur coal .
• 904 grade inner /316 grade outer. Suitable for burning dried seasoned wood, coal, gas, oil, & low sulphur coal.
• 904 grade inner /904 grade outer . Suitable for burning dry seasoned wood, gas, oil, low sulphur coal, coke, peat and smokeless fuels.

In terms of diameter, a minimum of 6” diameter flue is needed for a stove with a power output of up to 20kW.If you have a DEFRA certified stove and the manufacturer specifically specifies that this is compatible, you can use a 5” diameter flue liner.


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